Sustanence for thriving daily. 

What is Manna?

Have you ever wondered "What on Earth am I supposed to eat anyhow?" With all of the mixed views and opinions on what is right for our bodies it's often hard to answer that question.


Simply put. Manna is fresh and simple nourishment. It's exactly what was created for our bodies to thrive for this very day, 

In the desert of Egypt, Manna, a thin basic wafer, was rained down from Heaven. This simple wafer sustained the Israelites on a daily basis. They needed nothing more and nothing less to fulfill them. Just the wafer that they picked up from the ground every morning.

The Israelites were delivered from the oppression of slavery for many many years. Like you, they were Gods chosen people. We are given sustenance daily, from the Earth and from the Word. Each day is new, we need not dwell on yesterday. God told the people to only gather what they needed for one day, for the following morning they would receive fulfillment from something fresh.

The Manna from yesterday built muscle, and provided strength. It hydrated and nourished, to thrive in the days to come. However, they were specifically told not to hoard up and preserve from what was yesterdays- the past, because it would spoil and harm them.

We need the refreshment. 

We live a comfortable lifestyle, blessed to have abundance. Our first world problem is that our abundance is putting us into overdrive. We're overwhelmed with having too much on our plate, both literally and figuratively.

Have you ever felt enslaved or trapped by poor habits, lack of knowledge, or family? It's time to put an end to the madness & come into the promised land of vitality, energy and thriving. The land of milk and honey. Let go of past habits, welcome in change!

May we stop dwelling on which diet will work and which shiny thing to buy next. Live simply, go back to basics. Clean, pure, simplified. There's decadence in knowing that you're fulfilled and sustained with a bigger purpose. Chocolate lava cake is fantastic, but only lasts a moment.


Why is all of this important? It has nothing to do with the image that the world has led us to believe is our ultimate goal- cover model with a six pack and yet a family of 5 children multitasking It all. Or the illusion of true health while consuming supplement after supplement.

No, this is about the perfect image that we were created to be- A Child of God. 

That is the only image that we should chase. So that we may have everlasting peace and a platform to change the world from. 
When you reach your goal, you aren't the only one who will benefit. So, stay focused, and stay the course. 


From this day forward I hope to educate you on becoming nourished both physically and spiritually. 

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