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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

So, my Blace loves to bake. And, my Dave, has a favorite cookie- and it's the chocolate chip one. A Good Ol' American chocolate chip cookie. Now, by the time Blace and I (with the help of his little brother) whip up a batch yielding a dozen or two cookies I can promise you that my little dude "taste tests" at least a dozen tablespoons of dough! So, what does any good mother do? I improvise. I choose my battles. Here ya go- home made healthy "Dunkeroo's". Dip this fiber and protein packed amazingness with some crisp sliced apples, and celery. Or, get super sweet and grab some graham crackers! You can even snag some salty pretzels for a nice sweet and salty combo!

Here's an quick go to! You practically just throw it all into a blender and BOOM, you're finished! This is super cute to take to a party!

Try doing a change up of "Snicker Doodles" or "sugar cookie"... OR "oatmeal raisin"

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