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Donut Day!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Okay, don't roll your eyes! But.. Ive never been much of a donut person 🤷‍♀️ weird.. I know.

However, once upon a time my mom and I used to make a ritual of getting glazed or powdered donuts immediately after getting our teeth cleaned at the dentist. Makes zero sense, I know. Which makes me realize, it had nothing to do with the donuts and everything to do with the time we spent together making a silly tradition. 💕💕 I'm a very sentimental person, so creating traditions and milking them is what makes my world go round... The boys and their cousins made their own donuts the other day. As you can see from my messy hair and frumpy stained dress in the video, it was a wild day of keeping up with 4 kids. I wouldn't have it any other way! You can check out the video on Youtube. But, I warn you- this was an impromptu video that probably needed 100 scene retakes 🤣😂🙃 We made a fun activity out of baking together, learning about sprouting AND took a break from the summer heat for snack time!

Lord knows my skin needed to be out of the sun for a few hours. This year I lathered pure shea butter and cocoa butter on daily, plus worse SPF 75. Next year, it'll be SPF 100 and an old lady visor!

Back to the donuts.... My Blace and his daddy are the ultimate baked goods consumers. But, I wouldn't dare let that processed crap into my household knowing that their will power is incredibly weak. Also, when I provide snack at my home or even a dessert, I still make sure that the item that's offered nourishes their system to get them through to the next meal with steam.

Our family is as grainfree as possible. None of us have celiac disease but gluten isn't friendly to anyone on the planet. For when I have recipes that require wheat I did some research and found this sprouted wheat flour on Amazon.

If you're looking for more info on why giving up grains and sprouting are so important I highly suggest that you just do a simple google search through some credible sources. Katy Wells has some great links available in her blog to lead you into the right direction. I'll include a few of her links in this post. Try this simple recipe out! Make extras for the freezer!

Oh and speaking on extra!!! Here's a cute kitchen purchase I recently made from "Tar-jea"(Target). This pastry dome was affordable and classy. I love that the lid is nice and heavy to keep pastries from drying out in the air. I make loads of veggie packed baked goods for the boys to grab and go or to pack in lunches so this purchase just seemed reasonable.

Andrew for the win!

Donut hounds!

Freshly baked and still naked! 😱

Sprouted Grain Links

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