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Sprouted Wheat Flour Pizza Crust

Isn't she lovely?

I did it! I made this bad boy! If your kids are like min (minus Jaxx, he just likes the pepperonis and cheese) than they will sell their toys for pizza! Every time Blace asks for pizza I immediately go down my internal database of foods he previously ate and foods I plan to bring into the future of his day to equal out the nutrients his little growing body needs. Let's weigh the pros and cons. Your typical pizza is incredibly high in sodium, we should salt to taste not overkill it! Your brain actually needs a balance of electrolytes like magnesium and potassium to function, but it one is higher than the other, well.. we're in trouble! Time that with a very hot day and.. it's a cocktail for heat illness or at least leg cramps and growing pains....

High in fat, often times trans fat and saturated fat. The pepperonis and cheese are overly processed and contain nitrates and nitrites that make our bodies sick over time. FAT is a necessity! But trans fat is a poison. Never to fear! I fixed that!

Enriched white flour! Here is my real kicker! Nothing good can come from this! White flour has been processed to the hilt! Once our human digestive system takes it in and further more processes the flour our bodies turn it into the same type of sugar that is in a chocolate candy bar! It puts our liver, kidneys and gall bladder into over drive and then sends signals to our brain that we've been given sugar for our source of energy. No good! Gluten intolerance is a real thing! For everyone! I have aimed to take grains from my families' diet entirely but it just hasn't happened. So, I've replaced the grains with sprouted ones

Mr. Dough Boy patiently awaiting my pizza spinning skills..NOT!

I REALLY need to invest in a pizza stone...

to make them more easily digestible for those family members whom are stuck on their bread.


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