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Elderberry Gummies- Small

Elderberry Gummies- Small

Small size gummies, 60 count in each serving which allows for 2/day for a month or as many as you’d like whenever you’d like. 

Each brewed batch of healing tea has a special amount reserved for packing the healing goodness into gummy form. These are a family favorite and refigerator staple! Nature's preventative medicine!
Gummies are filled with protein from organic beef pectin and made with either local honey for added immunity boosting deliciousness or organic stevia to keep the sugar profile low.
All gummies are made to order.
  • Care Instructions

    Gummies are made from fresh ingredients including herbs and berries. They must be kept refrigerated to preserve their quality. 

    Gummies are good for one month, but will most likely be consumed before the month is through. 

    Made to order!

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