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Sweet Sleep Gummies- Small

Sweet Sleep Gummies- Small

Little gummies that taste like lavendar, apples and honey.
 Many of us struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep due to factors that stem from our daily habits or hormonal imbalance due to dietary issues or other factors. We all agree that a poor nights sleep is a sure way to start the next day in the dumps. 
If you're a late night snacker these little guys are a perfect replacement for yucky carbs. They're high in protein and very low in sugar. So, after brushing your teeth before bed it wont be THAT bad if you happen to snack on them. 7 different herbs are brewed to make these babies into REM state sleep keepers and help your body to produce it’s very own melatonin. 


Organic lavender
Organic chamomile
Organic Passion flower
Organic hops
Organic valerian root 
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