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About Me


Carly M. Smith

 I’m a wild and wonderful WV girl. In 2010 I graduated university with a degree in Exercise Physiology and furthered my studies into the world of nutrition. One of my favorite pastimes is reading and research especially when it pertains to cutting edge health and wellness. I currently hold a few certifications in areas such as, reflexologist from the Baltimore School of Reflexology, NASM prenatal wellness, adolescent physical activity & childhood obesity, weight-loss specialist, supplementation, holistic nutrition, herbalist and more. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a Sports Nutrition Specialist and actively coach in person and through online and in person personal training.


While growing up I spent every single day at my grandmothers house helping her in the kitchen and playing "pretend" house and restaurant. It was from her that I learned classic techniques, recipes, how you set a fancy dinner table, how to budget for large family meals, manners, patience and of course how to unconditionally love family.

It’s just natural that I became a true foodie and homemaker at heart. 


In 2010, I open,"Healing Souls" as a reflexologist that eventually morphed its way into "Refresh Wellness" where I incorporated reflexology and personal training. 

Manna Wellness was later birthed through a dream and will continue to expand as my family grows as well as my dreams and clientele. 

As a fitness professional I comprised a base of recipes for my clients for healthy family meal ideas and go to daily lunches, snacks and even desserts. Many meals have stemmed from her classic southern home style recipes as well as my own versions of salad dressings, breakfasts, teas, and treats.

Living in a home with four men I have made so many memories making a mess of my kitchen teaching them along the way. My husband of almost twelve years is the ultimate recipe sampler and food critic. He never holds back on a “what is THAT” or sneaking extra bites from freezer packed meals.


I now take make many of the favorite recipes and package for resale at farmers markets and online sales through my website


In the past year I’ve pursued a dream hobby in fitness and began the sport of body building. In 2023 I competed in my first two shows in the NPC Masters Bikini Category. 2024 is still going strong into my second season of this incredible sport. 

I fell in love with dance around the age of 4. Therefore, my passion for physical activity, art and music has been skilled, practiced and molded into my bones. I now have the privilege of teaching and encouraging aspiring dancers at our church. It’s no surprise that I’m still doing my thing on a stage somewhere. First and foremost however, is the stage of life where it’s most important to me that I shine love, encouragement and joy to each person that enters my surroundings. I strive every single day to wake up and be at least 10% better than I was yesterday. Always growing in some capacity. 

My favorite mottos to live by is, “Where there’s a will there’s a way”, “More of HIM and less of me”. 

Be wild be wonderful be well. 

Manna Wellness 

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